Review and first test of the Motorola Defy Satellite Link

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Review and first test of the Motorola Defy Satellite Link

We were at 3000m yesterday in a high, remote valley without cell phone signal. Seemed like a good place to give this device a test. I sent two positional messages and then two text messages to two different people, of which I received one (asked for) reply back.


  1. Turn on, connect to bluetooth and lock on a satellite in well under a minute.
  2. All messages were sent very quickly. The send and reply message took under a minute total. And, I wasn't even facing south, the way that the manufacturer suggests is the quickest connection.
  3. Battery usage. I had the device on from 11am in the morning until 9am the following day as I forgot to turn off in my backpack! The following morning I had 80% remaining. Suggests the manufacturers 4 days of battery life is about correct.


  1. The SOS button. This is not in the best place and could be maybe be inadvertently pressed, especially when either turning on or sending a direct location message. I'm not sure how long I would have to press it to activate a rescue because I didn't dare try out!
  2. Although I had the device clipped to my backpack, it moved around annoyingly when walking. I am going to fix some form of stabalization with elastic or velcro around the backpack strap.
  3. The Bullitt app that serves to facilitate message sending works fine for individual use, but I have found some small issues with multi-user use of the device. More testing needed on this.


For the price I paid (€119) and the cheapness of the subscription (€5 for 30 monthly messages) this is certainly one of the most efficient satellite communicators around at the moment.

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