The deterioration of Google Search and the alternatives

A few observations about the search relevancy of Google and what I am doing to counter

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The deterioration of Google Search and the alternatives

The one thing Google always did pretty well was "Search". Now, quality websites are being relegated further and further down the results page, replaced by more and more sponsored sites and Youtube links (again, delivering Ads). Of course the situation will become even worse when the presence of AI becomes fully integrated into Search. How will a small business, with a good website get noticed? Presumably the plan is for us all to pay more and more. Well sod that!

I think what may happen is that, as Google Search becomes less and less relevant, there will be a migration to fast and relevant, alternative search providers. This is already happening to some extent.

I have been using open source (auditable), non tracking search providers using the "SEARX" software for a while now. I can join a public server or even start up my own server on my computer. Already an improvement on Google without the Ads and tracking.

About Searx

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I am also testing out a "paid" search option called Kagi . For a small monthly fee (businesses have to moneytise somehow) you can have your search results any way you like, ad and tracking free. Personally, I am happy to pay $5 a month to get speed, relevancy and answers to my internet searches.

Anyway, interesting times.

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