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Linear hike from Ferreirola to Pampaneira after a stop for a tapa lunch in Capileira.

A group of hikers at the Tajo de Angel with clouds over the Sierra Nevada that rise behind

Some hikers in the sun on the right are just about to enter a dark shaded area of trees

Some hikers on a path on the right passing along a green, tree lined valley, blue sky above

Hikers passing through the spanish village of Pitres. Narrow streets, blue sky and a spanish flag prominent



Some quiet corners of some of our traditional Alpujarra villages. The roofs are built with traditional materials and some date back to the times of occupation by the Moors. Wonderful places to visit where time seems to have stood still

A narrow alleyway with old buildings on both sides leads to a sunlit exit of the street with green shrubs

A narrow alleyway with old buildings on both sides leads to a sunlit exit. The roof is built with traditional materials

A tunnel through a street. The houses are brown white color and the roof of the tunnel is built with traditional materials.

A narrow alleyway with old an building on the left and some open windows on the right. Flowers and colors adorn the sunlit building on the far right



Just had to stop and take this photo on my way to "work" this morning. The first rays of the sun are illuminating the Alpujarra towns of Bubion and Capileira. The Barranco de Poqueira remains in shade but the Sierra Nevada ridge rises behind with Veleta (3394m) prominent. Today out guiding with a Chris Stewart group between Ferreirola and Pampaneira via the towns/villages of Pitres, Capilerilla, Capileira and Bubion.

Two white hill villages appear in the morning sun. A deep valley to the left is in shade whilst further left the hillside is bathed in sunshine. In the distance some high mountains appear as a jagged line



"The company might be a serial purchaser masquerading as Willy Wonka’s idea-factory — but at least Google was unequivocally Good At Search. Until they weren’t."




Gabi Fava admiring the magnificent Mt Fitzroy (Chalten) from our campsite alongside the Glacier Sur de Gorra Blanca, on our approach to the Patagonian Icecap

A man with green jacket is stood on a small rise below the giant mountain of Mt Fitzroy in Patagonia. Blue skies all around



3 weeks ago we put a small polytunnel in our swimming pool. Did it to improve water efficiency in a smaller area. Yesterday evening we ate our first lettuce and the rest of the crops are shooting up. Tomatoes, red & green peppers, chilli, broccoli, cucumber all doing well. And, no problem with wild boar destroying the crops 😂

A small polytunnel is filled with green vegetables. Some light comes through in the centre section

Chilli plants hanging off the plant

A green polytunnel is built inside of an old swimming pool.



Enjoyed reading this article by @murph explaining the very clearly



Came across some Pine Tree Honeydew whilst walking in the forests of the Sierra Nevada last week.

Honeydew is a sugary liquid that some small insects secrete as they feed on the sap of certain trees, including pine trees. Honeybees collect these sweet secretions and process them into dark-colored, full-flavored honeydew honey. Pine honey is highly prized in some European and Asian countries for its reputed healing properties and culinary value.



Came across this spring yesterday with remarkable cooling properties. The Fuente de Corcuela at Moclin. I suspect originally built by it's wonderfully creative Arabic originators. It might have been 30c+ in the sun but on entering this area we were met by lovely cool air, generated partly by the shade but also by the water circulating through and away to lower regions. A wonderful spot and worth a visit if you are visiting the Granada area.

Water drops from a spring into a circular system of water channels that creates cool air



Yesterday we hiked the Ruta Gollizno at Moclin. A beautiful descent into a dramatic gorge with rope bridges and a heavily vegetated (cool!) river valley, followed by a tough ascent in the afternoon heat back up to the town. The cold beers afterwards were most welcome!

3 hikers cross a exposed walkway above a river with steep sided walls

A narrow bridge spans a gorge with overhanging rock walls to the right and a green forest further to the left

A steep sided rocky valley is to the left. Coming down from the right is a narrow hiking path with some hikers

A narrow path with 2 hikers on it drops into a wooded steep sided gorge



Morning everybody, it maybe but here is a waterfall that I encountered two days ago. It's the Tajo Cortes with the Rio Bermejo waters flowing down. A spectacular setting on the edge of Spain's Sierra Nevada National Park.

Water plunges down through a narrow gorge to form a waterfall. To the right is a lush green area of vegetation



Yesterday's saunter with a group of aspirant writers linking up the GR240 and the Rio Bermejo. Lovely day, beautiful weather and perfect temperatures for hiking.

A person sits at the bottom left of the image enjoying the view. Above is a huge sky filled with wispy clouds. Some trees are to the right

A group of hikers enter a forest, above is a huge blue sky

A person sits on a rocky outcrop looking at the view of forests, mountains and blue sky

In the foreground is a rocky gorge, the right hand rocks have trees on top. In the distance are green forests and a range of low mountains



Saw these little beauties up in the high Sierra Nevada today. Gentians (Gentiana sierrae), enjoying life by a mountain stream. Endemic to the Sierra Nevada, they grow between 1800m to 3200m). Always a welcome sight in the spring.

On the right some bright blue flowers (Gentians). To the left and blurred is an iron rich mountain stream