Ski touring in the Sierra Nevada

Had great day yesterday ski mountaineering with client, Jackie Belbeck in the Sierra Nevada.

We parked behind Trevenque in the Cumbres Verdes just SE of Granada at the Casa Forestal de Cortijuela Botanical gardens (1700m). A walk up though the forest to the Collado de Matas Verdes and onto the Collado del Pino at 2045m where we found continuous snows.

We donned boots, skins and skis and headed up the Barranco due south. The going was easy on good hard snows although there were softer areas where the sun had been at work on for longer. We arrived at the PeƱon de Dilar to find fantastic views of the main Sierra Nevada mountains. Wow, so much snow!

A short break for lunch and we swept downhill, making tracks on virgin powder back to the start point.

The snow is in great condition and I fully expect to be able to ski in the mountains here until the end of May and possibly beyond! Short video below …………… Fab music called “Paper Planes” from “Slumdog Millionaire”

More information about the opportunities for ski touring in the Sierra Nevada