To Blog or Not To Blog, that is the Question?

Some thoughts on why I write blogs and will continue to write blogs, even if nobody reads them!

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To Blog or Not To Blog, that is the Question?

Writing blogs seems to be more and more a thing from the past, I guess partly due to the expanded influence of Social Media and everybody's increasingly busy lives? I know that when I write a blog it gets hardly any interaction from the public, certainly nothing as much as a nice photo of an adorable fluffy dog nor even as much as what I had on my dinner plate the previous evening.

The fact is that people on social media would much prefer to hit the "like" button and move on. Rapidly. Without much thought. After all, they have a whole morning's timeline to clear through before mid-morning coffee. There's no time to stop and actually read something. And of course they forget that global corporate social media sites invariably have an algorithm to their timeline. That means it isn't actually a "timeline" anymore. Nope. It's what the corporate social media site manipulates to show you what it thinks you want to see. It's a manufactured timeline, possibly full of ads and certainly not covering the whole range of your social contacts.

Is this the death of Blogging? No! "Long Live Blogs" I say. Why?

I have kept a blog of my experiences and adventures here in Spain since I arrived way back in 2002. Initially this consisted only of copy emails from me back to friends and family back in the UK. I have had some rather bleak, blank writing spells when the thoughts and ideas didn't flow, but for the last 5 years and especially since a heart attack I have kept up the steady flow of writing.

I write words on my blog for one reason and one reason only. For Me!

Along the way possibly other interested persons might read and gain some useful information. Possible new immigrants to Spain or hill walkers and hikers looking for new routes or ideas in the hills and mountains. Having said that, I don't expect many to read my words. I don't allow Google Analytics into my life, so I really have no idea how many visitors I have.

Yes, I write for me. Selfish ain't I? I want to keep a record of my life and a legacy of my time here. I am not content to wait a year until Mr Bloody Zuckerberg decides to show me some distant memories or indeed hope that Elon Musk doesn't ban me for not paying for his blue tick.

And the great thing is, nobody can ever take that away from me. Not ever. Not Zuckerberg, Musk, Besos, Gates and the rest of the shitcaboodle. It's all mdescription:

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