Migrating away from Facebook and Twitter

Migrating away from Facebook and Twitter

After 3 years in the creative doldrums and backwaters it's time to refill the pen and start writing again. But it does mean migrating away from Facebook and Twitter!

Change is in the air so I’m going back to the writing desk again. Yes, after 3 years in the creative doldrums and backwaters it’s time to put pen to paper.

Why stop in the first place?

My last post here was in February 2015. Up to then I used to write articles each week, not only for myself (this blog) but also writing articles and trip reports about our Activity Tours in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I used to really enjoy writing about the mountains I love and illustrating the reports with some of our photos.

Then I hit a hiatus. I became disillusioned with the way the blogging world was moving. Quantity begat lack of quality. And, in the past three years we have all seen less and less people reading articles and commenting on posts. The fact is, they haven’t time! The masses prefer to flick quickly through photos on Facebook, hitting the like button, rather than read and study the underlying content.

In addition, the increasing pressure from Facebook, Twitter, Google and the like to censor our timelines and newsfeeds thus making sure we only receive their “sanitised” version is galling, to say the least. 1984 “Newspeak” has indeed arrived! We are living in dark times when everyone’s voice, no matter how extreme, cannot be given a platform to express their views. After all, we have minds of our own. Don’t we? It’s no wonder the young are streaming away from the Facebook’s of this world.

The breath of fresh air

I am no anarchist, I am a pacifist who cares deeply about the world we live in and the people who live in it. And, I believe we should all have a platform to express our views.

What a breath of fresh air then to discover new active and vibrant online communities who allow us to share our views yet respect privacy and transparency. I must give credit here to Caitlin Johnstone on Twitter (Twitter @caitoz) who tweeted that she was moving to Steemit. An interesting community here with an increasing number of the disillusioned migrating from the dreaded Facebook in search of more enlightening and entertaining waters.

Another benefit is that writers on Seemit get rewarded in crypto currency for their efforts, depending on the quality of their article and the “upvotes” they get from the public. A crap article lacking quality = not many “upvotes”.

That discovery was quickly followed by Gab and Minds.

According to Wikipedia ….. “Gab is an Texas-based social networking service created as an alternative to social networks like Twitter and Reddit. It allows its users to read and write messages of up to 300 characters, called “gabs”. The site also offers multimedia functionality. Gab describes its mission as putting “people and free speech first” but has been criticised as a social media platform exclusively for the alt-right and white nationalists.”

I am neither of those of course but in any large online community there are bound to be certain stereotypes at both ends of the political and social spectrum. I am happy to read or not read as I wish.

Minds is an open source social networking service, headquartered in New York City. Elements of the global hacktivist collective Anonymous showed initial support for Minds, based on its foundation of transparency and privacy. I like that!

So I am putting pen to paper again in the next few months exploring these new networks. Creative energy about to get flowing once again. This might prove fruitful and satisfying, it might not. But it has to be better sitting on the fence and being fed sanitised timelines from Facebook, Twitter and the like.

Watch out Big Brother and the multi national corporates. The world may just be fighting back!

It’s early days on these networks for me but if you want to hook up you can find me at the following:

Gab (https://gab.ai/elperronegro)

Minds (https://www.minds.com/ThePerroNegro)

I might add that I intend to still utilise Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is very good for keeping me up to date with the goings on at my favourite football club and Facebook is superb for keeing in touch with friends and family. Each to their own!