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17 February 2015 / Expeditions / Miscellaneous topics
There is no room for individuals if you plan to visit the Patagonian Icecap. Every day has it’s own difficulties. The terrain is tough and the weather can be extreme. When the going gets tough then you need team players and cool heads. And everybody can have an “off day”, when the rest of the team need to assist. Fortunately we had a great team with us. Thanks to Chiz and Reu Dakin, Clive Fenn, Mick Mcgregor, Peter Syme, Ian Tupman and of course my partner, Kiersten Rowland.
17 May 2013 / Expeditions
Twice I have been privileged to stand in awe, beneath one of the most natural cathedrals our mountain environments can provide. This is the Cirque de las Altares in southern Patagonia. The Cirque is to be found on the western side of the Cerro Torre massif, at the eastern edge of the great southern icecap which stretches 300 miles long and 50 miles wide between Argentina and Chile. In fact this is the largest piece of ice outside the polar regions.
17 February 2012 / Expeditions
Brilliant Poem by Michelle Wakeley about her time spent on our 2010 Southern Patagonian Icecap Expedition. THE ICE-CAP – SO WILD & STILL Finally, in El Chalten we arrive To face this southern cap of ice Our team of six come from far & wide Would we achieve her illusive prize? On the vast icecap below Paso Marconi The Patagonian gods mocked us with a sunny display Only to veil Cerro Fitzroy & Torre for days But with better reports, a little patience, We were on our way.
17 February 2012 / Expeditions
Becoming snowblind is one of the most debilitating hazards of being in the high mountains. This article relates my own personal experience on the Patagonian Icecap with this painful condition. I am not a medical expert and haven’t read up on all the facts, so if you want the medical stuff then do a Google Search. I relate below only my own experience. I guess after spending over 40 years walking in the mountains I’ve been lucky not to have contracted snowblindness before.