The dogs doo dahs: Thurs, Jan 29, 2004

NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rocky and his most favourite bits of his anatomy have finally parted company. The final straw came when he disappeared last week for 3 days. We looked all over for him and alerted most of the countryside above the villas to be on the lookout. The search was on for “El Perro Negro”. It was 3 days of worry, wondering if a wild boar had had him or if he had been short by an irate farmer for “worrying” goats (an expression used in this case by Rocky to mean “fornication”!). He eventually arrived back on morning much worse for wear. He was thin, drawn and limping. His paws were bleeding and he had obviously had a hard time. We think he had probably followed some walkers, encouraged by tit-bits etc. He had then been picked up by someone who wanted to keep him. Having eventually made his escape he spent a long time tying to find his home. He was very sorry for himself and has not really done much apart from sleep since.

“Enough’s enough” isn’t it? Time for action, I thought. So yesterday we visited the vets at Granada where the ceremony was performed. He now is feeling even sorrier for himself than he was before. Might make somebody some nice earings, one day!

But, guess what? We went to see the vet with 2 dogs testicles and came out with 2 more! How come? Well, as you well know, were suckers here aren’t we? There just happened to be this dog we took a fancy to that was looking for a good home (Oh no, more groans from the audience). Yes, so we are now back to 4 dogs. We are the proud owners of a 2 year old ……….. St Bernard called imaginatively enough, Bernie.

This 200 pound monster is very amiable, but characteristically dopey. He makes the decision where he’s sitting down, not you. If he sits down and you want him somewhere else you just can’t shift the devil. We bonded in the car on the way back from Granada when he slavered all down my head and neck ……… ugh! Whilst driving in the usual heavy Granada traffic, and trying to negotiate weaving Spanish drivers, he started to eat my seat belt. Anyway the other dogs like him so he’s now part of the Lanjarón pack (zoo!).

Written by:
Richard Hartley

Richard is an avid blogger and the founder of Spanish Highs Sierra Nevada. He is author of the Cicerone Guidebook Walking and Trekking in the Sierra Nevada