Nokia. Good phones but the worst software developers in the world!

Thought I’d upgrade my phone to one of these new smartphone things. “All singing, all dancing”, they said. “A few clicks of the mouse and your up and running”, they said. The reality is in fact very, very different.

I Justified the whole thing on the basis that I would need it for work and to keep in touch with emails etc when up in the mountains. Amusingly, I also said that we could use it to obtain up to date weather forecasts when out on multi day trips in the Sierra Nevada. Fact is though, I’m a bit of a gadget man at heart. I am also, I guess, computer literate. Not a professional but, like millions out there, I’m an enthusiastic amateur.

So off I went to Orange in Granada and purchased a Nokia E51. Good price, good tarifs and even a good phone, with good internet reviews. Great I thought, now where do I perform those few mouse clicks to get it all connected?

That is where the trouble starts. We need PC Suite (Nokia product) loaded first. Now unfortunately I have had the misfortune to have used this software before, so I really should have known better, but I trusted that those lovely folk at Nokia had at last got their act together and produced quick, easy, reliable software to accompany their phones. How wrong I was!

Sp what’s is wrong with PC Suite? Its too large, too slow to install, too slow to load, and incredibly overcomplicated. Furthermore, there are lots of differing cable drivers and Blackberry Connection software products that have to be juggled (loaded) as well. Problem? One doesn’t always work with the same version of the other. Orange couldn’t help, Blackberry couldn’t help and there are so many forum threads on similar problems about Blackberry connection with a Nokia E51 on the net, I could write a separate book on the subject!

It seems to me that Nokia software boffins and developers are clever people. However, they presumably get a new computer with updated memory every other week and forget that mere mortals such as I can’t afford to do this. We get new computers every 3 or 4 years. The software seems to struggle on anything over a few months old! They have lost the plot.

What I and millions like me require is a simple plugin and connect system for these new smartphones. Stick it into the USB with a normal run of the mill cable, turn it on and easily and simply get connected without tying up either machine or human resources.

Orange, Blackberry and Nokia should also tie up better to produce some software that is portable throughout the range and that everybody understands. I have spent 2 days of my time connecting the phone firstly to my computer (the hardest bit) and then to the Blackberry system (using a different software version than suggested). I think it is working now? Come on Nokia, lead from the front, or my next smartphone might just be a Blackberry.

Written by:
Richard Hartley

Richard is an avid blogger and the founder of Spanish Highs Sierra Nevada. He is author of the Cicerone Guidebook Walking and Trekking in the Sierra Nevada