Nice white fluffy stuff: Wed, Nov 12, 2003

_“Just had a great day out with my Dad. He took me in the car for a long ride but instead of him leaving me in the car while he went to the pub, he took me on a long road up a big hill. He kept saying how great everything looked but I just thought it was really boring. We parked up and then went for a walk. To my big surprise instead of green, the world was white, just like last year! The ground was covered with that white fluffy stuff that gets up my nose but keeps me cool. _

_I did my usual trick of rolling about in it……it always makes him laugh! Then I chased some snowbally things, ‘cos that also makes him happy. Just when he was content and off guard I made my break. Freedom! Now where were those funny things with antlers on their heads? About a half hour later and not a Ibex in sight I returned to Dad. Knowing I was in for a bit of a bollocking, I had to do my “really sorry” bit, you know…….tail between legs, puppy dog eyes etc. That worked a treat, yet again, for in next to no time he was OK with me again. Gullable these humans, or what? _

_Dad’s getting sneakier though ‘cos he’s worked out that if he throws a stone (any stone) down a very steep snow slope, then I have to chase after it to get it. Its my instinct and I can’t not do it. This makes me leap downhill, over cliffs and eventually slide to an abrupt halt on the white stuff about 100 metres below him. Grabbing the stone I then set off back uphill at full throttle. Then, cheek of it, he wants me to give the bloody stone back to him! Not likely, I can tell you. Unfortunately he’s figured out that all he has to do is pick up yet another stone and chuck it down the mountain and………….yes, that bloody Labrador instinct takes over yet again. Bugger! Dad’s crafty enough now to know that after 7 or 8 times up and down the mountain I’m knackered and am not interested in chasing Ibex anymore. _

We got to near the top of the pointed thing he calls a peak and his clients were tired, so we sat around in the hot sun for a while. To amuse myself I kept pinching and then chewing his new ice axe. Attached is a picci of me with my new toy. The way back down was fun though. Dad got this red plastic thing out of his rucksack and slid down the snow on it. He called it a sledge. He didn’t appreciate me chasing him, biting his clothes and pulling him off it, though. Good fun.”

Written by:
Richard Hartley

Richard is an avid blogger and the founder of Spanish Highs Sierra Nevada. He is author of the Cicerone Guidebook Walking and Trekking in the Sierra Nevada