Latest from Lanjaron: Tues, Jun 22, 2004

Emma’s out here now. Nice to see her, and I think she likes the laid back lifestyle here. Went to Granada on a big city shopping trip yesterday. She bought all sorts of gear usually load and unusual (what a surprise!) as it’s about half price than UK. We shopped in the morning, sat in some squares watching the tourists get fleeced, visited the Arab Quarter to drink tea in the tea shops and then went to some old tapas bars and got a bit tipsy. Right up her street. Last night we became English again and watched the England (sorry ING…GER…LAND!) v Croatia game in an English Bar. Feel really sorry for the Spanish as they have good players but never really shine in major tournaments do they?

Getting a new motor bike on Friday. I love the scooter but want something to take me more on the landrover tracks around here. Thought of going for a 650cc but have been persuaded by Jane and Keith (South Yorks Police) that it’s a bit much, so have settled for Honda 125cc. If I get the hang of it I’ll trade it in and upgrade. Test …….. required by law, but nobody gives a damm so sod it, won’t bother. Have bought helmet though and look like Dodo the Spacekid! Got this vision of heading off up tracks next winter with skis strapped to rucksack, skiing and then coming home.

Fish are doing good job of keeping mosquito larvae at bay and are getting much bigger. Water problems continue with more foreigners coming to Lanjarón. This has meant a drop in water pressure. Antonio helped me move the water storage tank to a new location and then helped me install a pump to supply the two villas. Talking of Antonio, I’ve been invited to the wedding of his eldest daughter Eva on 31st July (another important day!). This means that for the first time in some 2 years I will have to get togged up and wear some smart clothes. I feel it’s quite an honour to get an invite.

Written by:
Richard Hartley

Richard is an avid blogger and the founder of Spanish Highs Sierra Nevada. He is author of the Cicerone Guidebook Walking and Trekking in the Sierra Nevada