Latest from Lanjaron: Tues, Dec 24, 2002

Accommodation update: Toilet - doesn’t flush so needs filling up before leaving it ‘cos not good news if the situation is desperate! Will be fixed “shortly” (Spanish for “whenever”). Bath - takes half hour to fill up bacause of trickle of warm water that exudes from tap. Soon to be resolved ….again “shortly”! Kitchen - not enough space to swing a cat, sorry… Terrace - the sun gets there at 1.00 so makes up for the view of the local tip. Locals - very friendly and intrigued by the overseas visitors (ie me, Rocky and Leo). Dogs - they love it and its now dog escape proof so I can let them run free all day. Phew!

The property (named “La Casa de Fuente Hoya de Grillo” (The House of the Cricket Hole Spring) - might have lost something in is growing on me. Its not a bad location, only 1.75 hrs from Malaga airport and 0.5 hrs from Granada. Its ideally situated at the entrance to the Alpujarras and it wouldn’t take a lot to transform the place. Might buy it. I know this sounds like taking the easy option but this house has all connections and services and won’t need much work to be a great property (excepting the abbatoir/rubbish tip, of course!). The garden would be very low maintenance and gets the sun until it sets. The sunsets are incredible! The asking price is £98,000 and I’ll post pictures of the place shortly on El Perro Negro. My plan then would be to buy a cheap mountain lodge, requiring hardly any services except water (I have my own generator). Do I then have the best of both worlds?

Rocky has taken to being a real Spanish dog……he barks at anything moving on the street below, especially mules and donkeys. No danger of anybody coming to visit without an invite. I won’t require a doorbell! Leo is settling down but pesters Rocky to death. He wont give up and is a determined little sod.

You wouldn’t really know its Xmas here. No Xmas trees or decorations are evident. Its quite nice really. Shopkeepers think its great ‘cos they have even more excuses to close the doors and have siestas! Strange to be sitting here in shorts and t-shirt so close to Xmas.

Written by:
Richard Hartley

Richard is an avid blogger and the founder of Spanish Highs Sierra Nevada. He is author of the Cicerone Guidebook Walking and Trekking in the Sierra Nevada