Hot Salsa!: Sat, Jan 18, 2003

Yesterday I became a proper Spaniard and bought ¼ of a pig (well a full leg anyway) that’s hung up from the kitchen ceiling. The meat is cured at a village called Trevelez high up in the hills. Its fantastic..melts in the mouth. Also hung up are rows of red peppers linked on string. Looks really rural my kitchen does now!

Anyway, last night Leo started jumping around most excitedly. I saw he had something in his mouth. He’d managed to find a red pepper that had detached itself from the string held to the ceiling. Now these peppers are hot, I mean “really hot”…“Vindaloo” type performance if you know what I mean! Well Leo knew it was food, so his greedy mind told him he had to eat it, yet he couldn’t keep it in his mouth for more than a few seconds because it got too “hot”. This really frustrated him and he kept throwing it, pawing it, jumping on it etc. Eventually his persistence paid off and after an hour he’ d consumed it all, seeds and all.

Now I’m waiting for the after effects to kick in! Any minute now I expect he’ll be shooting across the yard propelled by cannon-like explosions from his rear end. Bet it will blow him out of his little yellow skin. Anyway, it will teach him a lesson.

Another major event was the arrival of the Señor de Agua to turn on the water supplies. This time he brought a little man with an earth digger. They proceeded to excavate part of the drive and seemed most excited when they struck a water pipe and burst it! This they didn’t expect, as they stood rooted to the spot as a miniature “Niagara” covered them. They just looked at each other with confusion as the river they had unleashed ran onto the road and started flowing down the high street. They still looked on in disbelief when the local police arrived and started putting up roadblocks, warning signs and diverting traffic. This then became the local event of the year as the village locals arrived to see what was happening. Total confusion ensued.

Anyway, “all’s well that ends well”, and I now have hot gushing water coming from the taps (no..not all of them!). I can have a bath or shower to order. Luxury! I even have proper drinking water coming from the cold taps. Still go down to the spring for the drinking water though, seems more appropriate

Written by:
Richard Hartley

Richard is an avid blogger and the founder of Spanish Highs Sierra Nevada. He is author of the Cicerone Guidebook Walking and Trekking in the Sierra Nevada