Ferrari mafia at it again in Belgium. Is this sport?

It’s not often I interupt the quiet life of Andalucia to get involved in the high power games of professional sport. This time however I make no excuses, so allow me the space here to be a bit of a “grumpy old man”!

The Belgium Grand Prix run today is one of the highlights for me of the racing calendar. Great circuit, always eventful, good scenery etc etc. It usually rains too, which always makes for an interesting race and levels the playing field for all teams. Ususally the best driver wins.

What we want to see, as spectators is overtaking, skill, speed, excitement. That we can always get from a GP race in the wet. Why not install a sprinkler system on the tracks, set to go off at random moments. What a spectacle that would be?

We also want a level playing field. For many years I have believed that F1 is “fixed”. By that I mean that the power of Ferrari in the sport is so great that they usually get the favourable decisions made by stewards, officials and the guardians of the sport (Ecclestone, Moseley etc ……. ha ha ha, some role models eh?).

The money in this sport is awesome. It also spreads unimaginable corruption. The media also goes quiet when biased pro-Ferrari issues are raised. Is thsi sport?

I have an idea. Why not Maclaren, BMW, Williams, Renault, and anybody else except Ferrari and Terro Rosso (Ferrari 2nd team), start a new F1 competition. Let Ferrari win their little competition every year and we can have our own. Lets all agree to promote the sport in the right way. The spectators are the most important and any non-Ferrari supporters will be outraged by the events in Spa today.

That’s it. I’ve had me grumpy bit. I for one will now turn away from this sport and will probably watch the moto GP instead. Purer. Or instead I might just settle down next Sunday, with a lovely glass or two of rioja and watch my tomotoes grow!

Written by:
Richard Hartley

Richard is an avid blogger and the founder of Spanish Highs Sierra Nevada. He is author of the Cicerone Guidebook Walking and Trekking in the Sierra Nevada