Boys will be boys: Thursday, February 27, 2003

Tracy, who always looked after Rocky when I went on my travels whilst in the UK, has been looking after my boys here. She is looking at investing in the property market here as well so we may team up and form a rental business. She has brought Rocky’s mate ……her dog called Alf. A big drooling loppy eared Italian Spinone! Whilst I was away up the hills she looked after the dogs. I’ll let her own words tell you what happened next………

“Leo and Rocky had a really mad time when out (think it’s all the rain, they can’t really play outside much) have eaten your head torch (think only Rocky could have got that down off mantlepiece) phoned a few people on the phone, finished off the balcony chair, cushions, three boots out the bedroom (think that was Leo barging through) pint of milk all over kitchen, box disappeared completely, think evidence eaten) four broken eggs, two still missing, two chairs acting as barricade moved to other side of room so they could get to phone, one chair eaten slightly, finsihed my coat off, and one bag of big dog biscuits (think Alfie could have contributed greatly to that). Have to give them credit though, they did try to clean up the mess as the mop and brush were in the middle of the room, but think argument must have broken out about who did what as mop is in pieces!¬†Was laughing too much too tell them off (Leo had brush bristles on chin, Rocky had ash from fire all over face and Alf had biscuits in his beard - bit of a give-away!) They have all been given a yellow card, and any more “tantrums” and they are out in the rain. All three now sat on blanket eating bones as if butter wouldn’t melt.”

Leo has also just discovered ….. belching! He did it by accident one day and because I laughed, he thinks its a funny thing to do. He sits next to you, looks you right in the eye and burps, very load and very human-like. When you smirk or laugh his eyes light up and I’m sure he’s laughing too! What a dog. Will try to capture the moment on video and send it on.

Heavy rain and snow here for the last week. Can’t believe it. Over 2 metres of fresh snow above 2,000 metres! Avalanche warnings all over the place. Temperatures at the base ski station yesterday reached the dizzy heights of -9 degrees C! First customers arriving on 13th March hoping for the “advertised” sunny weather …… ooops! As I write this, the view out of the window looks like Fort William on a wet weekend.

Written by:
Richard Hartley

Richard is an avid blogger and the founder of Spanish Highs Sierra Nevada. He is author of the Cicerone Guidebook Walking and Trekking in the Sierra Nevada