All about WOOFERS!: Fri, Sept 26, 2003

So, Lanjarón’s just a sleepy little backwater of the world eh? Don’t things change fast, just when you think it’s all going so slow? Just when I thought I’d be spending the next two months strimming, gardening, sweating and straining to keep the land going along comes some ……. WOOFERS!

Evidently Woofers is a pet name for a WWOF i.e a “Willing Worker on Organic Farm”. These young persons are usually aged in their early twenties, want to travel and see the world, but also want to contribute to the environment. Well, what am I doing with 3 then? Fate has again reared its head and a problem on a neighbouring farm has landed a German couple and an Israeli chap with me. In return for board, lodgings and food they work all hours of the day …… great, I feel “mucho hammocka” time coming on!

Don’t know how long I’ll have their services but it should really help. My daughter, Emma, is also looking forward to them arriving later today as the Israeli lad, Mikael, is evidently very good looking. Marcus, the German guy, knows a lot about the land and will be a good help. He’s also a world authority on fig jam. As I’ve got lots of rotting figs cos I haven’t a clue what to do with them, this could be good news.

Work on the well has resumed. Antonio has kicked out the workers who didn’t arrive and decided that me and him should be able to set the whole thing up. Well (ha ha…get it), as everybody knows I’ve been up to my neck in water on many occasions so it will be interesting? We’ve had 3 trips to Granada already buying cables, pumps, timers, joints etc. Also the well house has been completed. Antonio if nothing else is a very rapid worker. We built the thing in a morning, although I have to say, that its in keeping with the rest of his property. It’s not at all level and leans dramatically! Perhaps he had a hand in that tower in some place called Pisa?

Got my bike back from the garage. Cost me 100 euros, which is a lot round here. Anyway I’m a bit nervous about riding it now. Perhaps a good thing? Just had 4 days (3 nights camping) in the Sierras. Very pleasant. You can walk all day and not meet a soul once you stray from the few tourist areas. Can’t wait for winter now!

Great news!…….came home from the pub last night and the water was in full flow down the acequeia channel (irrigation channel). Haven’t seen this running since the end of May. The summer might be over here, but its still fantastic weather. Shorts and T shirts every day and clear blue skies with lots of sunshine. Only 2 hrs rain in September so far. Temperatures just reach 2930 degrees during the day and a fresh 18 degrees at night ………. very pleasant. Orgiva’s having another festival this weekend …. lasts for 5 days! Bullfights, the lot, but won’t be attending. Too many foreigners (English, Germans etc). I count myself as a Spaniard now because my Spanish residency came through this week. No going back now, because I don’t think King Tone (Blair) will want me back anyway!

Having problems with “Scolopendra Morsiitans” or to give it it’s popular name ……….. “Escolopendra”. This is a large earwig type creature. Pretty nasty too! About 6 to 9 inches in length, moves fast and packs a nasty bite. Now it’s getting cooler, these bugs are starting to figure out that it’s a wee bit warmer inside the house than outside. The 2 cats (Cato and Taz) are good hunters, but it’s a bit disconcerting to go to bed and wonder if one of these things might not crawl it’s way over you when youre asleep ………uuuggghhhhh!!!!

Written by:
Richard Hartley

Richard is an avid blogger and the founder of Spanish Highs Sierra Nevada. He is author of the Cicerone Guidebook Walking and Trekking in the Sierra Nevada