All about A.R.S.E.O.L.E: Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Whilst on a horse trek in the hills the other day we came across a scrawny brown dog sitting on the path. Very emaciated and thin, the dog was obviously on its last legs. It followed the horses for about a mile then left. Sarah, the owner of the stables, said the dog was always there and always did the same thing. She thought the dog had been “dumped” by its owner.

Now Tracy and my daughter, Emma are soft touches, and later that day walked back up the track to take food for the dog. It wasn’t there. A phone call to Sarah and she collected the dog on her next trek. Outcome ………. we now have 4 dogs! Latest addition is Cassie. She’s a brown short haired pointer, now positively identified as a Hungarian Vizsla. Bred for their hunting prowess, she was evidently no good at it for she hates loud noises (especially shots!) and also can’t swim. She’s also a bitch in season. Rocky says that it’s the best present I’ve ever bought him and he thinks I’m the best Dad in the world!

Naturally you have this daily sight of Cassie being followed wherever she goes by a trail of dogs eager for a bit of pleasure. Cassie has a lovely warm nature and desperately needs TLC (who doesn’t?). She is settling down and, with food, is now beginning to fatten out. She has this habit, inbred I suppose, of looking up in the sky at birds. She is fascinated. She will run after them whilst looking up in the air. Unfortunately this has landed her in trouble, well the pool, actually! She was following a bird and ran straight into the pool. As she can’t swim (some hunting dog, eh?), she was drowning until Leo alerted me to her struggles. So Leo saved her life and he was really hoping for some reward from her. Not to be I’m afraid. She’s very tight with her favours.

So as we seem to be taking on everybody’s stray animals, I’m thinking of opening the Animal Rehabilitation and Stabalisation Enterprise Of Lanjarón, Espana (A.R.S.E.O.L.E for short).

Written by:
Richard Hartley

Richard is an avid blogger and the founder of Spanish Highs Sierra Nevada. He is author of the Cicerone Guidebook Walking and Trekking in the Sierra Nevada