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05 October / At one with Nature / Photos
Came across this little guy sat on an old tree branch yesterday above Lanjaron in the Alpujarras. Cute aint he? Dont ask me for the type, sex or even latin name. I dont have a clue. He’s just an OWL! click to enlarge Alpujarran Owl
02 June / At one with Nature
Well now it seems they have moved on and we’ve got millions of the horrible black little vermin all over Lanjaron and the Alpujarras. They took huge chunks out of me a few days ago whilst clearing an irrigation channel. Big, black and nasty! Don’t remember getting bitten by them or even seeing them last year. This species has been nominated as among 100 of the “World’s Worst” invaders Here is some info about them (source:www.
Great skies last night enabled me with my cheap digital camera and rather shaky hand (after too many vinos) to get these shots of the moon rising over the hill above our casa. See photo albums for more. The photo below shows the moon rising. In the top right hand corner is a bright star. This is NOT a star. It is the planet, Jupiter!
26 June / At one with Nature
This friendly little fella lives in our bathroom. Its been identified as a “Moorish” Gecko, which makes one think that originally they were bloody good swimmers! He keeps the insects at bay, evidently, so is most welcome here.
25 June / At one with Nature
This photo was shot by my partner, Kiersten. Good effort eh? Havent a clue what sort it is but she say’s that maybe it is a “Silver Studded Blue”. Unusual and rare. Nice though.
06 June / At one with Nature
Just found the husky playing “dare” with this little creature in the back garden! About 1.5ft in length but didnt try to unravel it to find out! Gave a big hiss at me when I went to investigate. Think its a “Ladder Snake” but am trying to get it identified.
It seems to me that the amount of fox related incidents is increasing in these mountains. I remember when I first came out here some 10 years ago that they were shy, retiring creatures, that you sometimes caught a glimpse of early in the mornings, or late at night. Not any more! Some high level traverses of “Los Tres Miles Integral” some 4 years ago suggested problems were mounting. We had breakfasts stolen overnight and were disturbed by noisy packs.
So, Lanjarón’s just a sleepy little backwater of the world eh? Don’t things change fast, just when you think it’s all going so slow? Just when I thought I’d be spending the next two months strimming, gardening, sweating and straining to keep the land going along comes some ……. WOOFERS! Evidently Woofers is a pet name for a WWOF i.e a “Willing Worker on Organic Farm”. These young persons are usually aged in their early twenties, want to travel and see the world, but also want to contribute to the environment.
Just come in from the heat and watched Tim Henman losing at Wimbledon! He’ll never make it will he? Why do they all get so worked up? Seems really strange …….. I’m so far away yet can watch tennis, football, rugby etc. Just like I never left. Even Coronation Street if I want! We’ll, the summer’s in full swing here. We’ve had no rain since a 15 minute shower in the middle of May.